Harmonizing Education: Integrating Technology and Outdoor Learning for Enhanced Child Development


Isabel Duque
Ricardo Almeida
Maria Emília Bigotte de Almeida
Marlene Migueis


According to the literature, Scratch software, when used in educational contexts, has been shown to enhance learning in various areas such as mathematics, science, arts, languages, and music. Additionally, education in natural environments has been the focus of several studies, which have provided evidence of its potential for curriculum development, as well as for promoting health and well-being.

The study investigates the effects of PRO(g)NATURA (PgN), which blends Scratch programming and nature-based learning for 1st Cycle students. It aims to assess how this approach complements traditional classroom education. PgN targets 1st Cycle students, employing a student-centered methodology that integrates nature education with Scratch programming, aligning with Portugal's curriculum flexibility guidelines for the 1st year of Basic Education.


The study includes 56 students in the PgN program during the 2018/2019 academic year. It aims to evaluate the program's effectiveness in improving children's learning and development. Upon completion, parents/guardians were invited to participate in a feedback questionnaire.

Preliminary data analysis from the responses of 33 caregivers indicates that PgN had a positive impact on the participants' learning and development. Moreover, there were perceived improvements in the children's skills as a result of their participation in the program. 


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Duque, I., Almeida, R., Bigotte de Almeida, M. E., & Migueis, M. (2024). Harmonizing Education: Integrating Technology and Outdoor Learning for Enhanced Child Development. Medi@ções, 12(1), 126–136. https://doi.org/10.60546/mo.v12i1.412