Exploring the Art of possibility - An action research study into the effectiveness of ‘talk for writing’ to raise attainmment in primary school writers (Part 1)

Sarah Jerman, Bill Jerman


The purpose of this action research study is to examine the effectiveness of the approach of ‘Talk for Writing’ in enabling children throughout the primary education phase to become successful and creative writers. In particular, it aims to identify how successful ‘Talk for Writing’ concepts are when used with different ages of children; those in the Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) and those in upper Key Stage 1 /Lower Key Stage 2 (years 2 and 3) and if success with this approach is limited by contextual factors, namely English as an additional language, social deprivation or gender differences. The study examines evidence from research and pedagogical theory and places this evidence into the context of ‘Talk for Writing’. An explanation of the methodology used is given, followed by an analysis of quantitative and qualitative data gathered. The study concludes with recommendations for development of ‘Talk for Writing’ within primary schools.

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